Prima imagine cu viitorul Batmobil din Batman vs Superman

Pentru cel de-al doilea film din seria Superman, Batman va avea un rol foarte important. El isi va face aparitia cu un nou costum, un nou batmobil si va fi interpretat de actorul Ben Affleck. Pana in momentul in care filmul va ajunge in  cinematografe (vara anului 2016) putem sa ne delectam cu primele poze in care apare viitorul Batmobil.

Ultimul Batmobil, de 2,5 tone, a utilizat un motor Chevrolet de 5,7 litri, care avea 400 CP. Pentru moment, nu exista nicio informatie despre propulsia utilizata de viitorul Batmobil.



There is a new Superman film in the works. In this new Superman film, Batman will feature. It is tentatively and imaginatively titledSuperman vs Batman. And where Batman goes, his Batmobilefollows.

So, ladies and gentlemen of the Web, may we present… the brand new Batmobile!

Well, as much as you can make out, anyway. Director Zack Snyder – the man behind the recent Superman flick Man of Steel – is responsible for filming the new comic book smack-down between DC’s legendary characters, and has today revealed a new shot of Batman’s company car.

As you can see (or not), the front of the new Batmobile takes elements from the ‘Tumbler’ used in Christopher Nolan’s Bat trilogy, though the rear teases worrying shades of the earlier, Joel Schumacher-era Batmobiles. Worrying for anyone who’s seen those films, of course.

Crucially, there’s also a shot of new Batman Ben Affleck in his new Batsuit. First thing we can see? The ears… they’re smaller. He’s also been quite handy in the gym, too.

No word on whether this new Batmobile will use a 5.7-litre Chevy V8 packing 400bhp as the Tumbler did, nor if it will weigh 2.5 tonnes, or indeed, be able to make gravity defying jumps across rooftops. We are hoping for all three.

The film – which will see an older Batman – is scheduled for a July 2015 release, and expected to destroy every Batman/Superman fanboy’s voice box upon release. Stay tuned for more Batmobile updates.

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